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I love it when a plan comes together – Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith

While I was feeling up against a wall last post, since then, things have started to click into place. I’m connecting with fourteen of our Hoteliers for one project next week and one of our local arts and culture partners. All good things and mostly items I can’t yet mention publicly yet.

I have to admit, the art and culture groups and people I meet are always a very positive affair. Perhaps it’s why I am so fond of those facilities and organizations.

That said I’ve come across a new thorn in my side, one of the city’s conservatism that as a direct result of their political stance causes both the organization I work for and the city itself to lose out on what could have been a great opportunity.

Way to go city lap dogs.

But back to the positive, oh wait, no I don’t have much positive still, but rather than turn this post into a complete bitchfest I’ll change topics.

I’m not attractive. I found this out as I was sitting at the Tanq bar and a lady who is involved with the hair stylist conference this week comes up and tells the bar tender that she’ll pay him to be in the show as she is looking for attractive men to get their hair cut on stage. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise to me as I’m about 20lbs over weight and have recently cut my hair very short.

Besides having to deal with this stab to my ego, I find myself dateless for the Singing in the Rain Musical tomorrow night. Wife is busy and I have literally no one I can bring with me. Sigh, center, center solo…
In other news I began playing DDO, Dungeons and Dragons Online, as I’ve had no MMO to waste my time with, and found myself somewhat liking it. The micro-transactions I have ignored as they are geared towards players who want a quick push ahead of others, but they ultimately won’t matter later in the game (congrats on getting to level 4 before me or having a different looking character model).

I did do the first three quests, which unlocked the “hard” mode for each and allowed me to do them again on “hard” which as a Cleric War Priest doesn’t mean shit (I couldn’t go all the way easy mode with a human or elf cleric, so I did make it a Halfling, but still…). This weekend I should hit level 2…

I should mention that while this game is very control and graphically inferior to most other recent MMO’s like WoW and STO, it’s still manageable, fun, though since its DnD leveling actually means something. You don’t have 80 levels of grinding, but the difference between a level 1 and a level 2, or even 20 characters, much like in PnP DnD is drastically different. If you’ve ever played a D20 based game, you’ll know that at level 20 is when you enter “epic” levels and are somewhat of a demigod.

Only real gripe I have right now is that all my names were either not allowed or taken…

Taken: Diamond Greyus, Diamon Greyus, Cake Pony, Pony Cake

Not Allowed: Moist (either as a first or last name), Muffin (either as a first or last name)

I ended up on Thelanis as Moyst Mufin

Fuck you Turbine naming blockers.

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