Monopoly in the Park Saga II

May 24th – I received an email back from Devony Taylor at the City Manager’s office about my inquiry and she referred me to Ernest Guzman. I tell her of the situation and link her to my blog post.

May 25th – Ernest calls me after having read my blog post. He told me that Team San Jose had put in a proposal for the management of the facility a few years back, but their proposal had been denied. I wasn’t given specific reasons to this, though the person from our end who had been involved in this process isn’t someone who is involved anymore now. He also mentions that Jose Posadas is a volunteer running the facility now, but that he doesn’t have a phone number for him. He forwards me an email with Jose’s Earthlink address.

I ask him about TSJ possibly taking over management of the facility and what the process would be and I’m informed that I would need to wait until after the 22nd of June (City Budget Approval) and check in with him to see if the city wants to send out RFP’s (Request for Proposals) and then TSJ would need to submit a new proposal. I mark my calendar.

May 26-27th – I email Jose, as well as find him on LinkedIn (figured I had good luck with finding Jill Cody, so this would work) during this time Jill checks in on the status of things and I fill her in. She also emails Jose and gets him in touch with me. We decide to schedule a sit down and talk about the project and what we can do to champion this.

I’ll update again after our meeting.

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