Monopoly in the Park Saga III

After a series of events it’s come down to this.

I had a chance to speak with Jill and Jose, and fortunately they may be able to continue to operate the facility on a volunteer basis so that the project doesn’t die, however, there just isn’t any resources from our organization right now to allow us to take on this project with the current city’s request that 100% of the revenue be turned over to the city. The city’s last addendum to the original proposal would not even allow for excess funds to go into marketing the facility or for a revenue share model to cover the costs of managing, operating and growing the venue.

I’ve updated the website with some of the latest images as well as some video, and I’ll be able to continue to make sure the site is running, just as Jose and Jill will try to facilitate the venue when there is interest, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like this venue will be rekindled anytime soon.

On the upside, I sat down with my CEO today and as soon as things pick up we’ll be able to revisit this project, as well as we were able to identify the three key roles we’d need to properly manage the facility. So at least we have an outline of what needs to happen to take this on and make it a success.

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