Want to make money with blogging?

Here is how to make money blogging and I won’t even charge you.

You really have two options when it comes to making money with blogs; the first is what most people tell you. Create a WordPress site, find a topic you’re passionate about and write about it every day, toss in AdSense, tell your friends via social networks and hope people find your blog interesting enough to share with others and grow it organically from there. If you’re extremely lucky you’ll start to earn $100/mo in about three years of time. If you’re not lucky, you’ll make about $100 in AdSense revenue in three years.

For those that just need some passive income from their blog, forget all that. First, find several sites of various topics, such as Travel, Religion, Science, Nightlife and Fashion. Next set up WordPress sites for each domain with a unique topic. Now look for articles related to those topics that show up in Google Search in positions one through four and write a 75 to 100 word “review” or rather regurgitation of the article on your blog. Make sure you’re focusing on SEO for the rewrite of the article on your new blog. Include a photo and/or video in each post. Feel free to link to the original article. Add in AdSense and do this every day for three weeks, then share it with all your social networks, make sure to post bookmarks for each blog post.

About once a week you should write a 300-ish word blog post, set it as a featured article on your site. If you’ve done things right you’re posts should start showing up under the key terms within the top four positions on Google Search after about one month and within three months of consistently posting on your blog you should start to earn $2/mo per article.

Key items to remember:

  • Choose content for each site based on what the site is about and what is trending on Google Trends
  • Be careful not to impede on big brands that are sue happy
  • Write original titles and make things interesting, but keep your focus on the SEO terms
  • If you do everything right it shouldn’t take you more than ten to thirty minutes per article

So how much will you make from your blog?

Let’s say after three months you have fifty articles on your blog, maybe which is five websites with ten articles each, you should be making $100/mo at this rate and as you continue to expand and build things will increase. By the time you’re up to 1,500 articles, will probably take part-timers a year or longer to achieve, you can easily make $3k/mo or $36k/yr. Not stellar income by any means, but passive consistent income that can help set you up for retirement or give you travel money. In this recession, it could even be a safety net for the unemployed.

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