Star Wars Episode 7 Spoilers

Below is a brief overview of the latest star wars episode seven movie with spoilers. If you don’t want to read spoilers, stop now. You’ve been warned.

Star Wars Episode Seven is very similar to the storyline in Episode Four, A New Hope.

The movie begins with a Rebel Pilot “Poe” giving his droid BB-8 a key piece of information (part of a star map leading to Luke Skywalker) and the droid must flee on a desert planet (Jakku) where the New Order is hunting him.

During the battle of Jakku in the beginning we see storm troopers wipe out a village, Kylo Ren shows how strong he is with the force and we also see Phasma giving orders and Poe is captured.

Meanwhile Rey is a scavenger who eventually runs into BB-8, she’s living on her own in the remains of AT-AT.

A storm Trooper, “Finn ” decides he doesn’t want to kill innocent people and while plotting his own escape, decides to help Poe escape where they end up back on Jakku. Finn and Poe are separated and Finn runs into Rey and BB-8 and apparently he immediately falls for her.

The New Order shows up and chases them down, they eventually get into a piece of junk ship known as the “Millennium Falcon” and get away, where they are immediately captured by a hauling ship piloted by Han Solo and Chewbacca.

They decide to help them and take them to the Resistance base. Rey hears a weird sound and follows it and it happens to be Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber calling to her. She gets scared and runs away into the woods. The New Order shows up and blows everything up and captures the heroes, but then the Resistance shows up with General Leia and runs them off. Rey is captured.

The New Order blows up a bunch of Rebel planet at once.

Finn tells Leia about the planet killer weapon the New Order has built, along with its weakness which is basically an exhaust vent that they can blow up. He volunteers to go after Rey and help get the shields down.

This is where we see Finn and BB-8 reunited with Poe. Finn lets it be known that the new storm troopers are taken from their parents at birth and reconditioned to be soldiers. Also we learn that Kylo Ren is Ben Solo, aka Han and Leia’s son who has turned to the dark side, seduced by the new supreme leader “emperor” Snoke.

We also get reunited with C3-PO and R2D2 who has powered himself off until Luke returns.

Han, Chewy and Finn fly onto the deathstar, I mean planet killer and look for Rey. Rey meanwhile escapes because she starts using the force’s Jedi mind tricks on storm troopers spontaneously.

Han, Finn and Chewy Find her and are about to escape, but then decide to help blow up the weapon. As they set charges Han runs into Kylo Ren and tries to convince him to turn back to the light side. Kylo kills Han with a lightsaber through the belly and then pushes him off a high walkway that was built with no railing because there are no safety standards in the empire architecture apparently.

There is a big fight between Rey, Finn and Kylo Ren. Finn is severely injured, Rey cuts Kylo’s face as she begins to use the force more.

Chewy gets mad and shoots storm troopers. They go back and the group reunites sans Han. Leia hugs Rey, R2D2 wakes up and completes the map with the missing piece Rey and BB-8 had.

Rey and Chewy fly off to a distant planet somewhere where there is nothing but green grass and a stone staircase that goes on for a long time. Rey sees a man in a robe standing still, he turns around and it’s Luke Skywalker, she holds out his lightsaber and the two stare at each other as the movie ends.

At this point it’s ambiguous as far as Rey being either Kylo Ren’s twin sister or Luke’s daughter.

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