On-site Fun at Hotels

It could be a last minute flight or mixed up schedule, but whatever the reason is, often times those of us who fly into San Jose may find ourselves checking into our hotels later in the evening than we had hoped for. When this happens it’s easy enough to go out to find a place, but what about when you’re just dog tired and have to get up early after a 10 hour flight?

Perhaps you’ve come to San Jose for that important face to face meeting tomorrow morning; maybe you arrived to visit family for the holidays or are visiting a popular convention. In any case, whatever your reason for being here, sometimes, like everyone, we just don’t have the energy to go out, but we’re too restless to stay in our rooms.

This is when it’s great to know that many of the hotels here in San Jose have great restaurants, lounges and even some hot and happening nightlife entertainment!

Below is a list of thirteen hotels and their on-site delights:

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