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South Bay Farmers’ Markets

Whether you’re looking to stock up on some fresh produce, try out some unique fashion and accessories or simply get out to enjoy some time in the sun among other socialites, the south bay’s farmers markets are a great place to spend an afternoon, and the best part is, you don’t have to go far…

Hidden Gems

Are you in the mood for something off the beaten path? Want to stay local, but afraid you’ve seen it all? If you’ve answered yes to either of these then you’ll want to take a peek at this list of hidden gems in San Jose. Back alley bakeries and in-house restaurant hosting comprise these favorite…

On-site Fun at Hotels

It could be a last minute flight or mixed up schedule, but whatever the reason is, often times those of us who fly into San Jose may find ourselves checking into our hotels later in the evening than we had hoped for. When this happens it’s easy enough to go out to find a place,…

Go Mobile in San Jose

With the recent advances in mobile devices and the continuing increase of mobile web traffic, Team San Jose is looking to partner with many local and national services to create the best user experience of our visitors and locals. While our site is currently mobile friendly for iPhone and Droids, a fully mobile version of…

Welcome to

A new brand, a new website, a new vision Thank you for stopping by and experiencing the next step in’s evolution. While our focus continues to drive visitation and promote our city’s unique events we also want to show the world just what it is to be a part of our City. To do…

San Jose Jazz Festival 2010

The San Jose Jazz Festival is livening up our downtown core from August 13th through the 15th with bands hitting the stages at noon on Friday, 10am on Saturday and 7am for the early birds on Sunday morning. Both legendary performers and local artists will be demonstrating their special flavors of Jazz, Salsa, Latin Jazz,…