Have you been looking for someone to manage your CMS?

What about a Web Consultant who can find the best development solution for you Bay Area company?
These days I consider myself a Content Developer and Strategist rather than a web designer, though I have held those titles in the past. While comfortable with HTML, CSS and PHP and offering my own design services – in today’s fast paced environment I am also able to bring a team of professional web designers to you and bridge any communication gaps in a way that both parties can easily understand. In addition to my Web Design abilities, I also manage and maintain several websites on a daily basis, monitoring their traffic using third party resources and assisting in directing leads.

Note: Some sites are no longer managed by me and therefore a link may break or change before I’ve had a chance to remove it. The list below was last updated Feb 17,2010.

For recent web projects see the portfolio page.

*Sites grouped together follow the same or similar layout.