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There is a broad spectrum of writing I have participated in, from press releases to fantasy fiction to technical and website promotion, design and best practices. I’ve worked as an Online Content Producer for Team San Jose where I produced content for their website and social media outlets. I’ve also written content for the Colliers Las Vegas site, primarily their Recruitment page as well as the language used in their advertising. I also co-wrote many of Colliers press releases and announcements, in addition to the announcements and blog updates for Morbidgames Publishing. I am a big fan of writing reviews on Yelp as well as I write for Examiner and MMOSite. I consider myself a very diverse writer as well as someone who refuses to remain within a specialized niche.

Smart Meetings Magazine’s Blog

Team San Jose Content (Re-posted on this site from San Jose.org)

Below are links to other articles I have written:

  • MMOSite – MMORPG Related
  • HubPages – Random topics I find interestng
  • Ezine Articles – SEO, Social Media and Design related
  • Creative Corner – (most articles moved to this site now as I’ll be doing away with LVCREN)

Below are links to fiction I have written:

Below are books I have worked on as an editor:

  • Ave Molech Lore: Forgotten Mythos
  • Gaslight Demons by Gloria Weber