Cowgirls, Video Games and Booze

Oh how grand, my first personal post on this new site.

So I visited the Saddle Rack this weekend. Not that I’m a cowboy by any means, in fact I don’t particularly like most country music, unless of course it is a little poppy and sung by someone I find attractive, like Shania Twain or Taylor Swift. That said, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this, but it was a friend’s birthday and she likes the place, and as friends we’re obligated to help her have a great birthday. So we all sucked it up and made the drive to Fremont.

I can’t remember the last time I had been to the Saddle Rack. I believe it might have been another birthday party as well, but I was glad to see they can now accept credit cards and are not a cash only place with a $6 ATM charge. My biggest surprise though was the female to male ratio. I’m used to going to Downtown San Jose, or even San Francisco clubs and finding myself in a sea of men with a dash of women sprinkled about. Not the case with this Friday night. There seemed to be mostly women, who to my wife’s and I appreciation, had no problem with introducing themselves to me and actually hitting on me. Quite the unconventional club experience for us.

This all lead to a rest-required and lazy Saturday with the Wife lounging in bed drinking water and watching TV, and myself, not in much better shape, going back to the time wasting adventures of online games. It’s actually been 6 months since I touched World of Warcraft, my Blood Elf Paladin frozen in what I imagine to be a carbonite status; that is cancelled account. With Blizzard’s latest patch I found myself enjoying the game, though I know in a couple months I’ll be bored again and place my Pally back into her suspended animation. For now she’s awake though, and helping slay fiends with Lady Sylvanas, healing old forgotten heroics and gearing up for her trek into Ice Crown Citadel next weekend.

Sunday we made an appearance at Sabbath, a former tradition, now turned occasional gathering of friends at the Irish pub. The farmers market in Downtown Campbell actually appeared to be busy, a nice experience as the last time I had visited in November it was a bit sparse with people walking the streets. Four hours and a $110 later we were still there, but our age has begun to set in and by 8 p.m. the wife and I were asleep with our dog in bed.

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  1. AWESOME article, Michael! Can’t wait to get together with you guys some time soon….I’ve been wanting to check the Campbell Farmer’s market out. Do you go there often? Maybe we’ll run into you, otherwise, have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

    Love ya, Cousin!

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