Content Development, similar to Creative Services, covers a wide scope of projects, primarily focused around the strategy and implementations of content distribution. A content developer helps build, share, and monetize your brand using the latest technology from CMS (Content Management Systems such as Drupal and WordPress) to Mobile Web, Social Media and utilizing emerging on-demand tech like Cloud Computing.

It’s the ability to produce and share your company’s message in a way that allows visitors of all type to learn and explore the experience. Content can consist of writing (technical, familiar or even prose), graphics, photos, video, audio or any other digital asset that can be distributed via the internet.

MGHurston Creative Services, based in the California Bay Area, develops content through the process of researching your company’s message and goals, producing a strategy, and then continues to gather, write, organize, edit and finally publicize your information. It’s not just about the distribution, but also the designing, managing, adapting, and ultimately, producing results with ROI (Return on Investment).