How do we profit from Social Media?

For the last few months we’ve worked to establish a social media presence on Twitter and Facebook and we’ve done very well with our plan of incorporating our employees and working with cross promotions among our business partners throughout our city. We even had some great opportunities with companies like Hear planet and Cryptic Studios.
So how do we get people into our venues and better yet, into our hotels?

The first part is probably easier of the two, and we hope to begin creating a series of online contests via Facebook and Twitter on a monthly basis that will hopefully do a number of things for us including driving traffic to our online presence as well as foot traffic and interest into our managed venues.

What about Hotels?

Over the next few weeks I’m hoping to find a way to sit down with as many of our Hoteliers who will have me to discuss possible incentives we could push out through both our Social Media outlets as well as their own. Perhaps we could even involve outlets such as Foursquare, and offer discounts for “Mayors” and regulars at Hotels.

I’d also be open to providing any advice they would like on starting their own Social Media campaigns or responding to reviews on sites such as Yelp or TripAdvisor.

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