Was last night’s debate all about Sanders or did Hilary win?

The following is a brief overview of the 2016 Democratic Debate, a callout on one of the more provocative questions of the night, and some fun facts showing that each democratic candidate made false claims during their talking points.

The good: Sanders gave his supporters more than enough to cheer about; he held his own in facing the attacks and tough questions; and he stuck to his script of talking about his issues (income inequality, Wall Street, campaign-finance reform). The bad: His new health-care plan is actually pretty thin on specifics, as Vox writes; his embrace of tax increases for all Americans is likely dead on arrival if you’ve been paying attention to American politics over the last 30 years; and the Republican National Committee was clearly rooting for Sanders during the debate.

Embarrassing question bothered Sanders and maybe some viewers

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was asked at the Democratic debate in South Carolina whether he regrets having said that Bill Clinton’s past sexual indiscretions were “deplorable.” Sanders was not amused by the question.

“That question, annoys me,” Sanders said. “I cannot walk down the street, Secretary Clinton knows that, without being told how much I have to attack Secretary Clinton.”

Hillary Clinton Won Sunday Night’s Debate with a strong defense of President Obama, she got the better of Bernie Sanders.

The three Democratic presidential candidates made misleading claims on health care, energy and guns.

Fact check: The fourth Democratic debate:

  • Bernie Sanders said his health care plan wouldn’t “tear up” the Affordable Care Act. But he would replace the ACA with an entirely new public insurance system.
  • Former secretary of State Hillary Clinton said health care costs were “the lowest they’ve been in 50 years.” Costs have continued to go up, not down, but they have been growing at historically low rates.
  • Former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley said Obama “made us more energy independent.” But the rise in domestic oil production, and drop in imports, is due mainly to advances in drilling technology, not government policy.
  • Clinton said 1-in-3 black men “may well end up going to prison.” That’s outdated. It’s a projection based on the 2001 incarceration rate for black males that assumed the rate would remain unchanged. In fact, it has declined.
  • Clinton said Sanders once “publicly sought someone to run in a primary against”President Obama, while Sanders responded that he “worked as hard as I could to see that [Obama] was reelected.” Sanders did voice some support for a contested primary to push Obama to the left, but there is no evidence he actively sought out an opposition candidate.
  • Clinton claimed that Sanders “voted to let guns go onto the Amtrak,” when he voted to allow guns in checked baggage only. She also said he voted for immunity for gun makers and sellers, who had a “total pass.” The legislation included exceptions where lawsuits could still occur.


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