Examiner.com Shuts Down July 10, 2016

Examiner.com is shutting down so the new parent company AEG can focus on their existing AXS platform.

I wasn’t too surprised that Examiner.com would be shutdown considering the site hadn’t been very well supported since AEG had taken ownership and the choices in url patterns and the volume of click bate on the site had really done a number on the SEO performance.

What is AXS you say? AXS is basically what examiner.com was but without as many annoying ads and more local topics related to events, music, sports and family activities.

I feel bad for anyone who has a significant number of articles hosted on Examiner.com as the platform does not allow for easily exporting your content like Facebook. Instead, before Examiner shuts down, users will need to login and manually copy and paste their content onto another platform or save to local machine.

You can also use my method here to backup and archive your Examiner content.

Below is a letter all Examiner.com content creators received on July 1, 2016 notifying them of the shutdown.

Dear Examiner:

From the earliest days of Examiner.com, we have strived to provide a platform to connect readers with passionate contributors like you. Through billions of content views served we were able to create something unique together and we continued to support the platform over the years.

Media consumption has transformed dramatically over the years and our content initiatives have shifted with business priorities. To that end, we regret to inform you that Examiner.com has made the difficult decision to shut down operations. The Examiner.com website will close down on or around July 10, 2016

Effective immediately, Examiner.com will stop taking any new submissions.  Please take adequate steps to preserve your work. Examiner.com is not responsible for saving contributions, nor do we guarantee access to the contributor portal. Any payments you have earned pursuant to the Examiners Independent Contractor Agreement and License you entered into with Examiner.com will be paid to you up until the closing of the site and in accordance with our usual payment schedule and the terms of the Examiner.com Payment Policy.

Any questions or concerns should be directed only to legal@examiner.com. Please remember that pursuant to the Examiners Independent Contractor Agreement and License, any and all communication that you receive from Examiner.com (including this email) is confidential information, and that such provision survives the termination of your status as an Examiner.

For those of you contributing to AXS.com, you will continue to be able to do so and will receive additional information in the coming days. The AXS content program will remain active and unchanged. If you are not currently an AXS contributor but would like to apply to do so, please do so here.

Again, we wish you success and thank you for all your amazing work and effort as an Examiner. It’s been a great ride.

Examiner HQ

AEG bought Examiner.com in 2014 and is one of the leading sports and entertainment presenters in the world. AEG, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Anschutz Company.

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