HIT: Heroes of Incredible Tails New Player Guide

Here is my basic guide for new (NA) players who are coming to HIT as of June, 2017.

This guide is intended to offer new player tips and suggestions whether you’re just starting out or thinking about starting out. Overall HIT is a very well made game, can be very fun for both PVE and PVP players, but there is a content wall you will hit and then you’ll need to decide how much time and effort you’re willing to put in.

That all said, it’s possible to play, advance and enjoy the vast majority of the game without ever having to spend real money on items.

New Player Tips

  • You can create a total of 2 free characters in HIT. If you want more then you will need to spend 500 gems each.
    • You will want to focus on a single main character and use your other character(s) as “feeder” toons.
  • Make sure you collect your login rewards on your main character.
  • Only spend you Feathers and Gems when you can do a 10+1 pull in the Cards Shop.
  • Use Challenge/Honor Insignias for one off gear chances.
  • Use the free every 3 Day Epic-Immortal Draw on your main character.
    • Use the Daily free rare-legendary draws on your feeder toons as needed.
  • Save all extra immortal items for now, Do not use them for enhancement. You’ll eventually need them for transcending your gear (all equipment), awakening (weapons) and Runes.
  • Level 50 is where you will need to really begin to grind.
    • Level 60+ becomes exponentially harder to advance.

Leveling and Using Freebies

When you first start out in HIT its easy enough to level your character to 30 and complete the story missions. This will net you around 3k Feathers and 3k Gems for free from achievements. If you complete the daily and weekly “missions” you can earn significantly more.

Also during this time you will most likely be participating in some type of event so you will more than likely end up with 5-10k Gems or Feathers per each free toon. You can then drop another 500 gems to create additional feeder toons to rake in another 3-5k Feathers and Gems for the achievements getting to level 30.

If you want it’s time consuming but you can also get them to 50 with a bit of work without spending feathers or gems on the feeder toons, though this option isn’t really necessary and you’ll start to get diminishing returns on your feeders here.

Training Ground Stats

  • You can train your HIT character’s stats each to lvl 20 without special tickets.
  • After lvl 20 you will need a ticket for each upgrade.
  • After level 30 you will need 2 tickets for each upgrade.
  • The best stats for you will vary on what character you chose and how you’re building them, but typically damage and defense are your main objectives for whatever you are choosing.

What and When to Buy

First thing is to focus on in HIT is Gear and Weapons, with the 10+1 draw you should already have a couple Immortal items you can start enhancing with non-immortal items.

Some players will get lucky and may not ever need to upgrade their legendary items to immortal (that was my case) but some may need too. So save your promote tickets for when you have that last legendary that you just can’t seem to get an immortal of to drop. This is RNG after all.

Second thing is to focus on your Pet, which depending on the kind and quality will give a percentage of its stats to you. Set bonuses that increase stats will apply to you, but no abilities or special enhancements on that equipment will carry to you.

Lastly costumes are where you will focus on once you have everything else achieved.

Grinding Beyond the Limits

Once you’re at the start of the level 50 grind you will need to look at improving your HIT character beyond just weapons, gear, pet and costumes.

This is where Runes and Awakening come in for advancing your character beyond just the soft level cap in HIT.

Remember how I said to save those immortal items and not use them for enhancements? This is where you can turn your immortal items into Runes, you will need at least 1 of each color (Red, Green, Blue). These apply to all your characters so if you want to go back and earn additional feathers and gems from achievements with them it’ll be easier after you slot these.

In addition you will need to start turning Awakening Shards into Awakening Crystals by eating 500 Shards + Immortal Weapon to make 5 Crystals. You will need 50 Crystals to Awaken your weapon, for a total of 10 Weapons per each Awakening advancement.


What is the level cap?

The hard level cap is 100, but the game gets incredibly difficult to level beyond 60 and this is where things can often slow down significantly for F2P players.

Is the game P2W?

Arguments against p2w:

  • Premium currency is rewarded weekly
  • There is a fair amount of skill involved in pvp
  • Everything can be obtainable by f2p
  • Events are generous, but you must complete them

Arguments for p2w:

  • Cannot expect to catch up as a fresh f2p UNLESS there is a long delay in patch updates.
  • F2pers that are end-geared have been here since the start and are in top guilds which gives them more gems and gear chances
  • There is a training ground feature that gives stat bonuses each day, but has an eventual pay wall cap
  • Terrible matchmaking, you have max level players and level 20s in the bronze pvp leagues, so it is a bitch to climb up the leagues

What’s the % chance of getting an Immortal on a legendary+ card?

LOW, no actual percentage given.

Why do I have no gear or pet in PVP?

Gear and Pet assignment for PVE and PVP is separate, there is a little button to at the bottom of your character where you can assign/register gear and pets for each environment.

What are the Equipment Grades?

Common > Uncommon > Rare > Heroic > Epic > Legendary > Immortal

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