Finally! Playable female characters in Gloria Victis

Top 5 new Gloria Victis features you must know!

Hello, warrior! Enjoy the summary of our recent work – the top 5 changes you should have tried out! We hope you enjoy playing Gloria Victis as much as we love creating it, so see you in battle!


Tired of the sausage fest and looking at the male arse all the time? Time to change it – playable female character just hit the servers!

Every character has received a free re-customization point – check it out on your own!


Enjoy and master new combat mechanics!

Cleave & Shield bash – use long weapons to hurt multiple enemies or bash’em with a shield!

Arm endurance – no more never-ending turtling behind shields!


Check out the latest world PVP balance improvements!

Links system – join the battle immediately!

Non-Looting zones – now you won’t get punished for protecting your motherland from the enemy’s power!


Fight for your fame and climb up the Glory leaderboard!

PVP Assists – your rewards earned for PVP depend on the damage you dealt to the enemy!

Tournament score – every action counts to your personal score – sky is the limit!


80 new events – a lot of stuff to do for mid- and end-game characters when you need a break from waging war!

Engineering expansion – craft the best tools to gather more resources!

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