Six for Legally Blonde

So last night I met my wife at the Tanq along with some friends including Mindy and Abigail B. who came with us to the opening of Legally Blonde.

I was a little hesitant of the show at first, as I like musicals, but the movie wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. This coupled with the fact that it is a musical based on a movie, instead of how many movies are based on musicals or theatre shows also made me pause. However, this whole issue was moot as my two special guests enjoyed the movie, like musicals and were excited for the show.

Opening nights at the San Jose Center of Performing Arts are always packed, and this was no exception as people were still pouring in packs at five minutes to curtain. While I will say that the CPA really needs to tear out some seats and create a center isle, we had great seats in the center middle of the theatre, though it was a pain to pass through all of the people to get in and out during intermission.

The show progresses pretty much spot as to the dialogue and events in the movie, with a few updated references to celebrities and current events. The acting was all spot on, though I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a bad show at the CPA. The two dogs who were in the show were cute and obviously trained very well, though the show stealer in my opinion was the UPS Delivery guy. He had everyone in the audience laughing out loud to the point of tears; by far the most memorable though his parts are two five minute bits.

Overall I enjoyed myself and was relieved that everyone of my guests, as well as others I could overhear, had all enjoyed the show.

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