Sunshine Day Adventure with a Hindu

So while walking outside in the sun today along San Carlos a Hindu man stopped me and told me that I was a very lucky man while pointing with his thumb to his forehead. I assume this was a reference to his third eye perhaps.

He then introduces himself as Baba, a Hindu from India, and asked me where I am from. When I told him the states he didn’t seem to believe me and asked where my parents were from. I told him how I’m a mutt and lived many places. He tells me that I look Middle Eastern and then asks me how many countries I have been too.

I told him I’m not sure, but at least six off the top of my head. He then starts writing down something on a small yellow sheet of paper. He crumples it up and asks me to hold it in the palm of my hand.

He then tells me that I will have good luck in April and May, but that two people, a man and a woman who I know are conspiring against me and to be careful. He then tells me he can confirm this if I tell him what my favorite color is, besides black.

I tell him pink, which is true. He then asks me to pick a number between 1 and 10. I pick 7.

He tells me to open my hand and unwrap the paper he crumpled up. Written on it are the number 7 and the word Pink.

I was very impressed with the trick/reading and I’d have given him some change to thank him for the show, but unfortunately I am totally broke at the moment and didn’t have anything for him.

He seemed a little bothered by the fact I couldn’t help him out, but in the end we shook hands and parted our ways. I told him I’d plug him on my website, which I don’t think he believed, but apparently I am doing it now.

Update: I forgot to add that before we parted he told me that he never knows where he’ll be next and that I would be traveling myself for a long while very soon.

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