7 Legitimate ways to make money at home

The following is not a get rich scam for “how to make money from home”. The ideas below are all things I’ve currently used in the last year to generate over $500 in the last year.

For all the money making tips below I highly suggest taking the gift cards, in particular Amazon or PayPal since those can be used to buy things you need or turn directly into cash.

1) Earning gift cards with Survey’s – $260/yr

Swagbucks is a primary stop for me each day. I spend about 1-2 hours a day on the site while I watch TV. The daily polls provide an easy 1pt a day, with many survey’s offering anywhere from 10 to 200 pts and multiple ones can be done a day. In addition, you can watch movie trailers and previews for shows for an additional handful of pts each day. You can also use their search engine for additional points, but there is a better alternative below for that.

Each 500pts is a $5 gift card, and spending even just a few hours a week it’s easy enough to complete enough for a $5 gift card for $260 a year from Swagbucks.

2) e-Rewards

You have to be invited to join, and unfortunately there is no referral for e-Rewards other than to sign up from one of their partners. When I signed up for Virgin America’s frequent flyer program I received an invitation. Depending on your demographic the surveys can be enough to generate $25 in currency rewards a month. I turn those into frequent flyer miles at 250 miles per month.

3) Bing will Pay you for Searches – $60/yr

I mentioned Swagbuck’s search above, but a better alternative is to use Bing’s Rewards. Searching with Bing may not get you as great of results as Google, but it provides you with items such as gift cards. Searching for topics while watching TV a few hours a week is enough to get you at least a $5 gift card a month if not more.

Mobile App Rewards – $110/yr

This is the easiest passive income of them all as it requires you to do nothing but consent to having your phone activity related to apps you use and where you use it sent to market research companies. These companies will not share your personal info.

4) Nielsen’s Mobile Panel

Nielsen is a huge marketing research company that many companies hire to conduct research and many businesses rely on for their market reports. They have been around for some time and installing their mobile app on the phone will earn you $50 a year. Only downside is they have no referral program.

5) Verto Smart aka Smart Panel

Similar to the Nielsen mobile app, Smart panel is another market research monitoring app and as long as you have it installed will generate you $10 for the first two weeks, then $5 every month for a total of $70 the first year and $60 each consecutive year. Installing on additional devices increases the payouts.

Current info for Smart Panel Updated 3/2/2018

  • Sign up bonus is $5.
  • Monthly rewards are $5/month.
  • Loyalty bonuses are quarterly.
  • You can earn $110 in 1 year, $170 in 18 months, $230 in 2 years, etc.

6) Mobile Expressions

Now available for most devices, Mobile Expressions is yet another market research company. The first week of having the app installed allows you to win prizes, such as a $25 gift card from Amazon. It’s worth using only for about a month and then getting rid of it, unless you like free sweepstakes, though I’ve never won anything worth while after the first few weeks.

7) Free Digital Currency – $230

Forget about the scam faucets or buying hardware to mine BTC, LTC, Doge or whatever flavor of the month currency is out there. When you setup a Coinbase account you can refer folks and start earning BTC for free from the referrals. It takes a bit of work and promoting, but it’s doable and only a handful of referrals to get a full 1 BTC to make ~$230.

Second you can use an account at Eobot to mine (if you want) or use their daily faucet for whatever currency you want to mine and convert to BTC to send to your Coinbase account.

Additional Free Money Making Tips

Other outlets for free money can include selling your spam email to market research companies like SBK Center and for even more money making and savings tips check out The Penny Hoarder.


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