Flavius’s Research Quest: Test the device on any mechanoids in Isola Digs

Is this Skyforge quest bugged? Is what you probably asked yourself when you got it. The quest description and direction from Flavius himself doesn’t make this too obvious either since in most MMO’s we’re conditioned to have a quest item that we use. This is not the case in Skyforge.

Instead there are no mission/quest items, rather you simply will get an option of interacting with your targets in order to complete the mission. But how do you interact with mobs that were aggressive to you other than to attack you?

When you receive this quest you will be well above the prestige level for Isola Digs and therefore the mobs do not immediately agro your character. You can now walk up to the mechanoids, not the golems or the living creatures, but the floating robots and, when directly in front of them, you will see a popup saying to hit “space” to test the device.

At this point the mechanoids may agro you or explode and Flavius will appear to say something less than interesting as you continue this for the next four groups of mechanoids.

Hope this helps others as this quest drove me nuts trying to figure it out at first and many people in Region chat were saying to simply kill them, which will not complete the quest.

  • Gash Slapper, Lightbinder, Alchemist, Paladin, Knight

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