Social Media in 2010

From LinkedIn this evening…A user asked is 2010 the tipping point for social media?? Here’s my take.

I think with so many social networking sites available, we’ll start to see a lot more web applications that allow users to “consolidate” their online worlds. Examples would be FriendFeed or Fluid App.

That said, many new sites still continue to pop up on my radar, each offering something unique such as which has game-like trophies you can earn for how active you are within the site. I don’t think that’d replace linkedin anytime soon, but it may become more popular with young teens than within the next year (maybe).

Besides that we have additional online tools like where you can plan a trip with your friends on a virtual bulletin board.

And recently there was mention on Slashdot about WordPress implementing Twitter’s API – which just sets the stage for more meshing between Content Management System based sites.

So what is my take on SM in 2010? New tools to help us manage all our online rants and raves, but only a couple new sites that offer something new.

2 thoughts on “Social Media in 2010

  1. Interesting Subject.

    I think your point about connectivity is important. Twitter as you say, can connect different SN sites, like facebook and twitter are doing right now. Google Wave promises to do more of the same except I think what they’ve developed is a system that can handle all these streams and connect them much like Seesmic or TweetDeck but with much more flexibility. I’m looking out for the ‘UberApp’ or a Super-wiki to come out of all this. 🙂

    Michael Holloway

  2. Social network mashups are a touchy subject for me. For starters, a lot of the twitter folk never go back to the site and I feel it was a heavily pushed product that the media dinosaurs caught on to because they were late to the game on Myspace and Facebook.

    Aside from that, does it make much business sense mashing up usability? Twitter already has problems drawing a profit and facebook created their own ebay and adsense style programs to make money. The only reason the ebay market style worked was because ebay itself went way down hill these past couple of years.

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