New BB Facebook App Installs Bing?

This morning when I went to check my Facebook messages via my phone I was informed of a new update available for the Application. Being a user who always desire to have the latest version of software installed I eagerly clicked “accept”, “download” and “reboot” appropriately. A minute later my phone was up and running, but then, so was something else. A black icon with the word “Bing” sat in the middle of my application window. It stared at me as if to say “hi” – both of us surprised to see one another. I clicked on him to investigate further and proceeded to find that he wanted me to install him as well. Since the application had already created an icon on my programs page, I figured he’s here to pretty much stay at this point and continued.

I wasn’t impressed. After semi-installing via the Facebook update, then having officially installed after selecting it, it now wanted to “configure” itself for another two minutes. Why it couldn’t have done all this with one install I don’t know.  This first impression changed once I saw the app finally come up.

It’s very pretty. A leopard of some kind in the jungle with text well displayed in front – very clear and easy to read. Clicking on “Top News” took me to a different looking page, but still pretty where I could select from topics like “US” and “World”. It seemed to run just as fast as my Google app and while I, probably, won’t use this for news or search – simply because I use an RSS Reader for those items, I will admit that I am going to be playing with this a bit more over the next couple days. Perhaps I’ll even re-evaluate focusing more energy into my SEO/SEM with Bing as I have a feeling this may make the search engine more popular than it currently is.

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