Brief on Friday's Art Walk

I was honestly expecting a lull in activity with the end of Cinequest here in San Jose, but apparently the art community is just starting to blossom.

Things kicked off last weekend when I brought a group of friends out to the South First Friday Art Walk, we took a look at the numerous exhibits housed at Anno Domini, Art Glass Center of San Jose, San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, and SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery. Along the way to each place were the many Phantom Galleries productions.

Places I wanted to check out that I missed, but will see later during the month, were exhibits at the KALEID Gallery, MACLA, and Art Ark. We just didn’t have enough time as we started about 8:30pm and ended for drinks at about 11:30pm.

Of course I also found out about another event taking place this month in the Art Community as well, primarily the one my work organized, where artists and artisans will pitch their wares to Hudson, the merchandiser for the San Jose Airport.

While I wrote extremely brief opinions on Yelp of these places, I have to say I was overall again impressed with the art and culture scene found in San Jose. I had honestly believed the SoFA district had died a few years back, but it’s great to see it thriving now.

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