One for Singing in the Rain

Last night I attended CMTSJ’s (Children’s Musical Theatre San Jose) Marquee Production of Singing in the Rain at the Montgomery Theatre in San Jose. Of course before anyone reads too deep into that I need to explain that the actors were not children (except where children are involved in the storyline) nor is this a production strictly for kids, as…well…it is Singing in the Rain. I don’t know about you, but how many of America’s youth actually know what a “Talky” is. Sure, they watch them all the time, but it’s not a phrase anyone uses to describe movies anymore.

Back to the show…

The crowd was near full, though this showing was attended by the cast of Little Shop of Horrors who filled up a good third of the seating. They also had some type of VIP reception going on in what I think is the VIP room of the Civic.

The show was entertaining, and the costumes great, while there were a couple noticeable line slip ups during the course of the show the actors were able to brush them off quickly and continue. I believe the actor who played the character Cosmo may have almost hurt himself with a chair during the Moses Supposes number, though after all of the work involved in his Make Them Laugh he is obviously used to throwing himself around and made it through ok.

One thing that did impress me, and I think many of the people in the audience, was when they were able to make it “rain” within the theatre on stage. A blue padded tarp was rolled out on the stage and water came down from sprinklers above. For those not familiar with the Montgomery Theatre, it’s not a place known for dynamics of its stage so this was a very entertaining feat to see pulled off. Unfortunately it did short out the mic of the actor who played Don during the song Singing in the Rain.

Slip ups aside I enjoyed myself very much and I think many more will too.

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