Adult Play in San Jose

Have you ever been to a strip club that let you hose down a fully nude nubile in a shower tub only inches in front of you?

If you haven’t then you may want to visit the lovely ladies of the Pink Poodle gentlemen’s club in San Jose open from noon until three in the morning Friday and Saturday and from noon until midnight the rest of the week.

While Santa Clara County does not allow the sale of alcohol within completely nude facilities, the poodlettes  are more than enough to give you a jolly good time. Maybe you can even ask one of the ladies to help you pick out something naughty from their Bascom Bookcase adult store.

However, if you prefer a little more mystery with your erotica the topless girls of AJ’s Restaurant and Bar aim to please with their bikini chair dances inviting smiles, or swing on by the many coffee shops in San Jose like Gia Gia’s who offer a cup of Joe in their nighties.

San Jose may be known for its technology and business ventures, but the people who live and visit our city will tell you first hand that we play just as hard as we work and this is proved with the many adult themed stores that cover our city, carrying the latest in erotic toys, DVD’s books and other essentials you may want to take a tug at.

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