One of the most Unique Menus – Kaama Lounge

I visited Kaama Lounge with my wife and two coworkers of mine after we kept hearing about this place and had a wonderful time.

When we first walked in the décor and layout caught our attention as the place looks great. The seating was bar area, booths or the more open low couch seating areas. I think there may have been some private areas in the back, but not sure and we didn’t ask.

They had their wine tasting event on Thursday which gave us two glasses of wine, a 2008 pinot noir and chardonnay from Santa Barbara Wine Co and two appetizers for $12. The chef made it a point to come out and ask how the food was to each table and converse a little before going back to continue his creations.

Now the food I have to say is both amazing and creatively named. While you may see such items as Egg Rolls on the appetizer menu, they are NOT really that, but instead Prosciutto wrapped shrimp, green cabbage and pickled carrot slaw tossed with a sweet n’ sour dressing and edamame and bacon stuffed won tons. We also sampled the Pigs in a Blanket, Chicken Soup, PB & J and Pot Pie. Each plate was small, but also under $20.

The best in my opinion was the Chicken Soup which was really six bite sized Sweet potato chive biscuits, topped with caramelized onion and shredded chicken gravy with a can of real Campbell’s chicken soup on the side for decoration. Fantastic presentation and unique features made this a place I’m sure we’ll be talking about for some time. I really want to come back here and try the Strawberry Lollipop which is actually strawberry and pistachio crusted lamb chop, parsnip mash and mint pistachio pesto.

If you haven’t stopped by here yet, you should!

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