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I recently did some writing for (links coming after their site finishes migrating data over), very similar to my writings for, especially since my section is Nightlife-ish topics. But for those curious, here was the writing sample that got me approved by them.

San Jose plays as hard as it works!

You may be familiar with our California Casual style of dressing, and this relaxed theme carries over into our nightlife as we love to let loose and unwind. When it comes to San Jose nightlife, the Bay Area offers some of the most popular comedy clubs, pubs, ultra-lounges and evening gallery showcases. From fine dining and drinks at the Left Bank to downtown’s iconic dive the Caravan, San Jose has got you covered.

While San Jose is the perfect place for those demanding the best food and wine to take their taste buds on the town, it’s also a great place for hedonists who like to play in the dark. Whether you enjoy the dancing scene of clubs such as WET and Pearl or decide to catch some nubile entertainment at one of the local gentlemen’s clubs you never have to stop with last call thanks to the card tables at Bay101 and Garden City Casino.

If you don’t have the fortune of being a local, why not plan your trips around the first Friday of the month to take part in downtown’s First Friday Art Walks from 8pm to “late” and experience some of the best in local arts and entertainment – for free! Of course for those feeling a bit more active, why not participate in the San Jose Bike Party’s adventures on the third Friday of every month. It just goes to show, no matter when you come to San Jose, it’s a going to be a great time!

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