2010 Accomplishments: Creative Services, Content Development and San Jose

As 2011 approaches I’m looking back on my accomplishments this past year…

In 2010 I began helping my local Coldwell Banker’s office break into Social Media, at the same time as I took on Project Managing the developing SanJose.org website. Along with this began my consistent writing efforts on Yelp as well as my personal blogs.

Writing was a key focus this year, as the majority of my tasks centered on this in the first half of the year. Whether it was writing for Social Media outlets, creating policy and guidelines for employees, weekly and monthly reports to senior teams and board members, or local perspective pieces on miscellaneous websites; writing was the foundation for which everything else stemmed from this year.

Content Development was the next big thing this year as through my writing exposure I was able to begin working with more and more local creative outlets. Getting a foot in and being able to provide syndicated content as well as highlight local photographers, designers, artists and writers via the new SanJose.org was nothing less than groovy. It also gave me a chance to stretch my skill set as well, taking on the role of amateur photographer and occasional TSJ liaison at local events.

Almost midway through the year things began to change, and my focus on Writing and Blogging dwindled as I began to delve more into the technical side of projects. From working with Amazon EC2 to giving webinars on Cloud Computing, taking on the responsibility of server migration contractor for Coldwell Banker and eventually Web Ops for SanJose.org, projects became very IT focused, very quickly.

Eventually I was able to bring back more Creative Writing into the mix as I began to write for Examiner.com, though I’ve still been passive in my Yelp reviews and my own personal blogs were a bit light on content.

So what’s the plan for 2011?

I really can’t say. No matter what may come, this Jack-Of-All-Trades more than likely will continue to write, manage web projects, create content, design and all the things my modern Creative IT renaissance persona loves to do.

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