Turning WordPress into a CMS

WordPress is fun, simple and because most themes out there really come turnkey with a ton of features it makes for a great platform to make a quick website. However if you’re going to use it for a CMS and are not able to setup Drupal or Joomla, here are some plugins you may want to consider.

  • First we’re going to need more than Posts and Pages – so we’ll add in some Content Types & Taxonomy
  • Next we’ll want images to be easily manipulated on the fly Image resizing and caching
  • Our custom content types are going to need to have some custom fields with Magic Fields.
  • For those of you who have experience with older versions of Drupal’s Views module, you’ll find Query Wrangler very familiar.
  • Need to add additional content regions? Then Content Blocks is for you!
  • You’re probably going to need pages that display other Related Content.
  • You have a lot of theme options when it comes to WordPress, but if you’re really looking to create a custom site with a content heavy focus and don’t feel like spending a lot of time customing regions, there is 960 Grid theme

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