Where is Taimi and the Ley Line Hub? How do I get to Magus Falls?

If you just came back to GW2 (GUILD Wars 2) and are stuck jumping up cliffs in Dry Falls these questions have probably been driving you crazy trying to complete the Personal Story quest Recalibrating the Waypoints.

Well thanks to a great write up on Reddit from user nkuvu the answer is now solve.

When you first enter Dry Top, you’ll be at the Dry Top entry waypoint. You need to use three aspect crystals to get past the first bit. These are not required once you jump up (approaching Choke Canyon) and you can just drop down and head to Prosperity.

Proceed north to Prosperity waypoint. Using the sun crystal, cross the quicksand to get to the Town of Prosperity.

At the west side of the town there’s a house with an open door. At the back of the house there’s a passage down. You’ll know you’re in the right spot if you see canyon spiders, or if you see a stealthy skritt walking around. Follow the passage west and back up.

You’ll get to Restoration Refuge waypoint simply by following the path. From that waypoint, head north into Treadrock Uplands. This is an area with high (but climbable, with aspect crystal) cliffs and vulture raptors or lots of arid devourers, depending on weather.

Follow the canyon west until the end. There’s a garden there, but for the story you’re headed south. Not that there is any other option here.

You’ll get to two vine bridges. The one you want for the Ley Line cavern is to the left. Be careful on the vine, it’s easy to fall. At the top of the vine there’s a waypoint, the (surprise!) Vine Bridge waypoint.

Head east from Vine Bridge waypoint until you get to the open desert of Unswept Uplands. As mentioned already, follow the western cliff south.

There’s a passage leading down, into the cavern. You’ll know you’re in the right spot if you see Inquest. If the Light Infused Golem is up you’ll need to kill that before the doors will be open at the end — don’t just try to run past it.

If you’ve asked about this on the forums you’ve probably been driven nuts about how you should have done the first part of the series. Unfortunately if you just came back to the game, YOU CAN’T DO THE BEGINNING WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT. Also those kind of answers drive me crazy.

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