The 2016 republican debate is a joke

With 17 candidates running the 2016 GOP and 10 participating in the coming debate, the GOP isn’t just a circus joke; it’s a good indication of the party’s lack of leadership and focus. The Republican party’s embarrassing primary season is starting to become the norm.

Top questions for candidates according to Google Trends show that voters, or at least interested parties in these candidates, are focused on only the superficial aspects of their potential presidential candidates and rarely search for the candidates stands on any particular subject. Apparently, people who vote for Republicans, don’t care where they stand on issues like legalizing pot of abortion, so long as they are a Christian, Tall and not Fat.

With voters who care more about the height, weight and age of a president, and of course if he is a Jew or not, perhaps the GOP is pushing towards becoming the folks in Idiocracy sooner than later.

That said, if any candidates on this list read this, or Google Trends – a word of advice, if the top searches for you start with “Who is”, that’s not a good sign and while I’d normally suggest taking an opportunity to stand out, in this case, with so many running, I’d suggest conceding to try and help bring the GOP together.

  • How old is Jeb Bush?
  • How much does Chris Christie weigh?
  • Who is Ben Carson?
  • Where was Ted Cruz Born?
  • How tall is Carly Fiorina?
  • Is Lindsey Graham married?
  • What did Mike Huckabee say about the Holocaust?
  • What nationality is Bobby Jindal?
  • Where will Kasich be this week?
  • Is Pataki Jewish?
  • Is Rand Paul a doctor?
  • Is Rick Perry Republican?
  • What religion is Marco Rubio?
  • Where is Rick Santorum from?
  • Will Donald Trump be president?
  • Who is Scott Walker?

For the 2016 Republican Primary Debate Schedule visit Election Central.

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  1. When you said it, I wondered if Google trends was a good indicator of whether these debates should be taken seriously, before it became obvious that it’s THE BEST indicator. We’ve seen the GOP do nothing but huff and puff about how they’re going to stop this and that and nothing less than repeat the same dead ideas over and over again. Though they’ve made advances in small local governments, it’s done nothing more than piss off a lot of people.

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