Windows 10 won’t shutdown or restart only shows a blank screen

If you upgraded to Windows 10 and your system is not shutting down or restarting normally the issue could be due to Gigabyte’s On/Off app.

For many users after upgrading to Windows 10 the OS on Shutdown or Restart will go to a black screen where the OS is “off” but computer is still powered on.

In this state the computer will not respond to any commands and users must press the hard on/off or reset switch on their system to get the computer to reboot or go off.

Gigabyte’s On/Off app comes pre-installed with any system using a Gigabyte motherboard or custom systems that and also causes the following “error message: page fault in nonpaged  area (applecharger.sys)” with Windows 10.

To remove it and allow your Windows 10 install to shutdown and restart properly from the start menu navigate to Program and Features (Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features) select Gigabyte On/Off and select Uninstall/Change.

If the app does not appear you may also look for it within your “C” drive. An additional solution is to use the installer from Gigabyte’s site to uninstall it


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