Bodies and Drugs may have been Found in Demolished Pablo Escobar’s Home

A pink waterfront mansion in Miami Beach owned in the 1980s by Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar will be torn down Tuesday. The U.S. government seized the property in 1987. It was acquired in 1990 by a private owner, and Chicken Kitchen owner Christian de Berdouare bought it in 2014.

De Berdouare wants to build a more modern home on the site. Before demolishing the fire-damaged mansion that sat abandoned for years, de Berdouare hired professional treasure hunters to comb through the structure for traces from Escobar’s days.

The loot-seekers punched through the walls and found “something,” homeowner Christian de Berdouare told Local 10 News — but he refused to elaborate, saying the findings will be revealed in a documentary about the ultra-wealthy Escobar.


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