Florida Doctor Vandalizes Uber Driver and Trashes Car

A Miami doctor has been placed on administrative leave after she was caught on video assaulting an Uber driver, according to reports.

Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon, a fourth-year neurology resident with Jackson Health System in Miami, is seen in the viral video as she goes ballistic, slapping and kicking the driver.

The video of Sunday’s incident in the Brickell area was posted Jan. 19 by someone who uses the YouTube account Juan Cinco. It had been viewed more than 1.4 million times by Friday morning.

Jackson Health System has placed Dr. Ramkissoon on administrative leave a hospital spokeswoman confirmed in a statement.

Anjali Ramkissoon, a fourth-year neurology resident, was “removed from all clinical duties.”

“Jackson has launched an internal investigation,” the statement reads. “The outcome of the investigation will determine whether any disciplinary action will be taken, up to and including termination.”

Miami police spokeswoman Frederica Burden confirmed that officers responded but said no report was taken.

The poster added that the unnamed driver accepted a settlement and didn’t press charges.

“We were called for a disturbance,” she said. “There was no report written, and there will be no investigation.”

The YouTube poster said “it was only when they put her in the police car that she started crying, apologizing and claiming that she would lose her medical license [she claimed to be a neurologist] if she got arrested.”

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