Level 100 Character Boost Legion Pre-Order Details

Level 100 Character Boost Details

Here are the specific details on the new level 100 character boosts from World of Warcraft. These boosts are available via the Battle.net shop and when you purchase Legion.

Give your character a little boost

“There comes a time in every hero’s quest when they need a little boost to help get them over the hump and back into the action. With a Level 100 Character Boost, you can grant one character a one-time boost to level 100 instantly. Bring your hero up to speed and join the fight on the front lines.”

Drop in Battle Ready

With a Level 100 Character Boost, you get the following:

  • Full set of ilvl 640 gear for your chosen spec.
  • Level 3 Garrison with most Level 1 and 2 building blueprints learned.
  • Garrison buildings constructed including Level 2 Profession buildings (or Storehouse), Barracks, and Lumber Mill.
  • Eight followers including a bodyguard.
  • 500 Gold and 350 Resources.

Here are a bit more details from my level 100 boosted Troll Combat Rogue.

My buildings were Barracks, Lumber Mill, Bank and Tannery with Mines and Garden unlocked. I built a Warmill, Barn and Salvage Yard. I also quickly replaced the Tannery with an Enchanter’s Study for disenchanting items and making that delicious Temporal Bindings that sell well.

For followers I had 8 as mentioned which included 6 green and 2 blue. Vivianne and Kana’tin were blue, while the Greens were Brakk, Ka’la, Lan’Veros, Zen’tik, Olin Umberhide and Ulna Thresher.

The quest adventure pop up you have starts the Tanaan Jungle questline, where you will fly to the Iron Docks and pickup a Shipwright.

You also get all Flight Paths unlocked, however, when you use them there is nothing when you land, not even a Flight Path back since you still have to go back and do the quests to unblock those building outposts, so it’s kind of weird, but somewhat useful if you are trying to meet up with someone.

For me, besides now having the new expansion readily available, I now have a rogue at level 100 who can open lockboxes for my other toons.

More about me in Azeroth

I’ve been adventuring in World of Warcraft since 2004 in the guild Robot Kitten Happy Train. My mains by expansion are:

Vanilla – Diamongreyus

Burning Crusade – Moistmuffin

Wrath of the Lich King – Diamoist

Cataclysm – Moistmuffin

Mists of Pandaria – Moistmuffin

Warlords of Draenor – Moistmuffin

Legion – TBD

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