What do you need from your data center? Disruption, Speed, Efficiency & Performance

Do you need a new data center?
Most data centers offer much room for improvement, and these questions will help you discover if yours is one of them:

  • Are you following efficiency best practices that can add capacity?
  • Do you know that you’re getting everything you should from your assets; what are your utilization rates?
  • Do you have dead servers sitting around wasting capacity?
  • What percentage of servers have you virtualized; can you boost that?
  • Are your racks as dense as they could be?
  • Are you/can you take advantage of new, more efficient technologies?

Disruption: Big Data and Analytics

Insight is the key to disruption—changing the status quo. Cisco solutions for data centers and real-time analytics can help you connect everything, everywhere and analyze it in real time, giving you the insight you need to take your organization to the edge of innovation.

Speed: Private and Hybrid Cloud

Cisco hybrid-ready cloud solutions take business agility, velocity, and compliance to the next level. With flexible consumption and deployment models and secure workload portability, you can build a private or hybrid cloud faster while dramatically reducing risks. Adding public cloud resources is easy because Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite manages all your clouds with a single tool.

Efficiency: SDN and Integrated Infrastructure

Automating your data center can make your IT organization work better, easier, and more efficiently. Integrated infrastructure optimizes private, public, and hybrid environments. SDN provides a more agile and programmable network. Together, they’ll give your organization better results and a new level of efficiency.

Performance: Servers and Applications

There’s no separating business performance from application performance. Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) powers the next wave of applications with a radical server architecture packed with innovations, such as Cisco Service Profiles and Cisco SingleConnect, that dramatically simplify deploying and managing applications.

Have you Assessed and Optimized Existing Critical Data Center Infrastructure?

Learn more about the total economic impact of Cisco’s data center solutions

Thanks to Data Center Dynamics for having such great questions in their post.

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