Pokemon Go Top Ten Tips Guide

Top Ten Tips For Your Pokemon GO Adventure to keep you safe, have fun and be the best pokemon trainer you can be!

  1. Catch them all, even if you already have it. (Rattata’s Pidgeys, etc) It gives you candies and experience for catching and lots of experience for evolving.
  2. Travel travel travel – It’s called Pokemon Go, not Pokemon Stay, you have to go to different areas to find different pokemon.
  3. Visit as many pokestops as you can to refill your pokeballs and find other useful items such as potions, lures, eggs, and experience.
  4. Pay attention to the moves that your pokemon have. A simple raticate might have dig, which is great against electric, or hyper fang, which is just a general move that while good, isn’t super effective against anything.
  5. Pokemon evolve at the same percent of CP, so focus on evolving your strongest base pokemon to get a higher one.
  6. Location matters. Water pokemon like to hang out by water, etc.
  7. Gym Battles:
    1. Battling an opposing faction gym where the attacker can use up to 6 of their strongest pokemon to try and take over the gym by defeating it’s trainers and lowering the prestige of the gym to 0.
    2. Training with same faction gym to use one of your pokemon to battle against theirs and victories result in increasing the prestige of the gym to allow more trainers to leave a pokemon defender at it.
  8. Pokemon egg hatching. As per pokemon go’s notes, only walking will hatch them, the GPS is accurate enough to know if that is the case. You can get pokemon eggs from Pokestops and the more steps it takes to hatch them, the rarer the pokemon (2km, 5km, 10km).
  9. Use items, but smartly. For example if you’re walking use the Incense because if you stay still only 1 pokemon every 3-5 minutes will appear. However for every 200 meters walked you will have a pokemon appear with incense. Also save your lucky eggs for when you have a lot of pokemon to evolve.
  10. Gym’s and Pokemons are typically in “landmark” locations ie: Churches, Cemeteries, Old Buildings and Landmarks.
  11. Bonus Tip 1 – Stay safe, watch where you are going and have fun.
  12. Bonus Tip 2 – List of Pokemon Go level up rewards

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