Top SEO Tips for 2017

On-page Content SEO Tips for 2017

Aim for a readability score no lower than 40; ideally 60 or higher.

Readability is all about making your content easy to read. For example legal documents, such as contracts and wills, are not necessarily written in a way that people can easily comprehend without careful attention to details. When writing for the web you want your readers to be able to scan your content quickly and not have to think about it too long.

Test your readability.

Call to Actions (CTA) should rarely be more than 20 characters.

Great examples of calls to action: Sign Up Now, Subscribe, Join Free for a Month (yeah that last one is 21, which is why I said rarely). Bad examples of call to actions can also include placement and coloring, learn more here.

Content paragraphs should be limited to 360 characters or less.

Just as we want to avoid run-on sentences, so should we make an effort to keep our paragraphs on point and refrain from the dreaded “wall-of-text”.

META Content SEO Tips Still the Same

Keep page titles concise at less than 60 characters.

Yes you can put in longer page titles, but since browsers truncate this text anyway, it does you no good from both a readability standpoint as well as a content standpoint. There is no point in wasting time and effort having content that isn’t displayed on a page. Your readers won’t see it and SE’s may count it against you.

Learn more.

Meta Descriptions should be no more than 160 characters.

Again, similar to page titles, all SERPs will limit the amount of content shown for each web property in their search result pages. Just like with page titles, if you’re creating super detailed info, you’re wasting your time and effort as it’ll be truncated and your descriptions may no longer make sense to users or the search engines. See some excellent examples here.

Need help with character counts? Use this handy dandy character tool.

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