With less and less being spent on print advertising, web advertising has began to increase. If you’re looking for someone in the Bay Area¬†who is familiar with Web Advertising including Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, MS AdCenter and a variety of other direct advertising solutions you just found one.

Banner ads and email blasts (HTML email Campaigns) are the most common type of advertisement and are an important extension of a websites reach. With the proper link aiming to the appropriate landing page, ones return on investment can dramatically increase. In addition, the combination of an email with a link to an interactive PDF can provide a significant amount of response. Because of this, I try to design most of my web ads and campaigns to mimic the look and feel of your website. Below are some general samples of past ads he has used.

Note: the website links on some of these are not current as they have been changed or are in the process of being updated. Many of the flash and animated gif ads I create, could be seen in action on the Las Vegas Sun website during March 27th 2009 through December 31st of 2009.

VFlyer Ad

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Craigslist 101 Guide

600×90 CPI & CPI Offices Banner

Interactive Brochure | SMGC Emailer | MVIP Animated Emailer

Morbidgames Email Blast (2008)