For the last several years I have worked with a cross-functional team consisting of a dozen Marketing Managers, Product Owners and Program Managers who are tasked with improving our demand generation funnels of click to chat, phone and contact forms. Together we review various platform analytics in tableau and domo for analysis and to strategize plans for improving lead qualification, conversions, and overall “noise” reduction to our contact centers.

I then take the concepts from this team and work with various individual department Project Managers within groups such as Publishing, IT Development and Metrics to create AB tests, submit content updates, component enhancements for our websites, or implement additional metrics through our tag management systems.

At any given time I am personally responsible for overseeing the functionality and completion of ten or more large scale global projects and over one hundred individual cases per quarter.

I consider myself to be a multi-talented IT-Marketing professional with over a decade of increasing user acquisition, providing project management and implementing digital solutions resulting in increased retention and conversions.

Personal hobbies include interest in mining cryptocurrencies, creating simple WordPress sites and hosting a weekly Dungeons & Dragons game.

You can view my recent Cisco work here.