Movies, art, birthdays, wine tasting and HempCon

I had hoped to have more energy and enthusiasm in this, but I’m very tired, but I felt I needed to make a post…

Friday began with the wife and I grabbing a couple drinks on the CA Theatre Patio, before hitting Motif and then back to the CA Theatre for the last of the summer movies Cabaret, which was enjoyable, though arguably not one of the best movies ever made from a stage production.

The evening continued for us as we witnessed Rykarda Parasol playing on stage and stepped into Anno Domini’s gallery showing Fernando Chamarelli _ Pangea_ A very enjoyable evening, although cut short by the wife almost falling asleep standing up.

This past Saturday was one of my cousin’s birthdays which was fun as we hung out in Butcher Park for some time. This was followed by a trip up to the lovely Savannah-Chanelle winery where we celebrated a friend’s birthday and participated in a wine tour, followed by some bocce ball.

Which led to Sunday where I visited the HempCon exhibit happening in Team San Jose’s South Hall big blue tent, which wasn’t nearly as interesting as I anticipated it to be, but I had an enjoyable time and took some photos.

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