Miss Saigon Menopause and going Zombie

My title makes me chuckle to myself and I can’t help but feel very juvenile, though I find that to be one of the best frames of mind to be in to keep my healthy mental state.

In any case, a while back I witnessed Miss Saigon at the Montgomery Theatre. While it had its flaws during the course, I still feel it’s a rather ambitious production to put on in that theatre and the cast and crew did an amazing job, especially with the storming of the embassy and helicopter departure. It’s also worth mentioning that the person who played the Engineer did a fantastic job and he was by far the most memorable character to me.

Unfortunately this was yet another flying solo journey and I have no commentary to offset my own opinions.

However, more recently, as in last night, I attended Menopause the Musical at the California Theatre with the wife, Shaun and Mindy. I didn’t stop laughing the entire show. While as a man I will never have to go through any of these issues, though I may have to deal with them being married to a woman, it was amusing to see my wife enjoying the show. On the downside, after the laughs my wife began to contemplate more on her own future and aging in general which led her to lose the joy she had gained during the show.

The songs were interesting I found, as I had gone in knowing nothing about this musical, I find it worth mentioning to those that don’t know, all of the songs are popular songs you will recognize, but have different words and themes changed to reflect the symptoms and feelings the characters on stage are experiencing during “The Change”.

In other news, I’m excited for Zombie-O-Rama next week. If you are in the bay area I highly recommend you attend, either as a zombie, spectator, or perhaps a zombie hunter. I’ll be there with the work camera and perhaps even a little zombified.

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