San Jose Pride, Zombies and Reggae

I soloed the San Jose Pride last weekend, which was an interesting event, I actually wish I could have stayed longer through the night as things began to get more entertaining the later it got. However, I ended up visiting some family with the wife and that was enjoyable as well. Photos of the event are on the Team San Jose Facebook page, as many of you know I am have become the amateur event photographer in addition to the web operations, content producer with occasional B2B cross promotion organizer – can I get an el oh el?

This week was Zombie-O-Rama, photos on the TSJ Facebook as well, and while I had hoped to get done up for the event, I ended up running out of time. Apparently, this happens when only several hundred other people wanted to get their zombie makeup done at SLG Boutiki as well. Of course the bigger let down was of the people I invited, none could attend, so I was again flying solo.

I still had fun though, and tonight is the last Music in the Park. While I am not really a fan of reggae music, I’m hoping to get some better photos of the crowd tonight. Honestly last week’s event had a lot of homeless and thug looking people during the opening act and I just couldn’t get a shot that I felt was appropriate or good. Hopefully tonight will be better. Actually I am sure it will because if nothing else I have a couple beautiful ladies coming with me that I can use.

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