Stanford offers Free classes on AI, Machine Learning and Databases

Stanford has recently announced that they will be offering several online classes for free this fall semester. If you haven’t read the releases on Slashdot or one of your favorite tech sites yet, you can find a more in depth article on

“The three courses – Machine Learning, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Introduction to Databases – cover material that forms the basis of some of the most prevalent technologies today, from online shopping to web search and robotics.”

This is a first ever experiment and while several thousand students and interested participants have signed up for each of the classes it will be interesting to see how many continue through the courses. I personally have signed up for all three, though with the exception of Databases, I don’t know if I’ll realistically be able to complete Machine Learning and an Introduction to Artificial Intelligence as robotics and engineering are beyond my skill sets.

That said, I’m looking forward to participating in what I can and if nothing else walking away with a bit more appreciation for what these industries are working towards and accomplishing.

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