FDA Issues Social Media Policy (false)

Wouldn’t it be great to hear, the FDA issues a social media policy. Though the FDA loves to plan to discuss, to plan to create, to plan to someday maybe act on planning a social media policy and guideline for use by those whose jobs and businesses rely on the FDA’s approval and clearance, the FDA has remained, like much of our government, indecisive.

Currently, the FDA’s site likes to direct users elsewhere. For example, let’s say you were a Medical Device company. You’re redirected to the HHS (Health & Human Services) website. While the HHS has taken the time to create a Social Media Policy, it isn’t actually a Social Media Policy, but instead a link to various other government sites and their social Media Policies.

But wait, what about the Web Content Managers guidelines on the USA.gov website? Great you should mention that as this page directs visitors to find additional information to individual services and references the website Apps.Gov; a government site that lists internet (cloud, social media, etc.) and localized based software applications approved for use by government agencies.

Of course for the many in government who just don’t have a clue about technology, generally anyone who has been in any elected office for more than two years and anyone in office over the age of 28, there is the government ran HowTo.Gov, a hilarious website outlining the common sense practicalities any high school senior has become aware of since the invention of MySpace and Sex’ting.

Of course not all government agencies are inept. After doing some digging I came across this government referenced, but not government ran site offering direct links to many Government Agencies Social Media Policies. It’s great to see that our Navy and other military branches have taken the time to come up with some social media policies and guidelines while fighting several wars, yet the people on Capitol Hill who work mostly at the golf course and behind a desk, can’t seem to find the time.

Shame on you FDA.

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