Geo-location social apps are all the rage, but do they work?

It’s no surprise that Geo-location apps are becoming all the rage. I recently have spoken to a number of my single friends who have experienced some luck in the “dating” world with a couple of the popular apps I’m sure you’ve heard about. The king last year had one of my favorite app names of all time, “Bang With Friends”. However a series of security issues and posts to user’s Facebook walls had the company re-brand themselves as “Down”, though users haven’t seemed to get down with the app anymore.

So here enters Tinder, which I found to be very interesting as one of my lady friends had mentioned it in a positive light and was turning others of her gal pals on to using it. However when I spoke to one of my guy friends he was anything but excited about his new app that showed him his sister nearby.

I decided to take a spin myself to see what all this craze was about and found that of the initial three people within a mile radius of me, each one was a match. Unfortunately, each one also wanted me to visit their kik messenger page because “my messages weren’t going through”. If it’s not clear to you it’s a scam, let this be a lesson, it’s a scam, don’t click the links.

Now, while I don’t agree with Mashable calling Tinder a “Must Have” social app, I did find their article on the subject interesting and see a lot of potential promise with non-grinder related apps, such as Here On Biz.

Here On Biz tries to bring all your contacts together and show their locations, so you can quickly see if that senior manager who accepted your LinkedIn is at the Starbucks near you so you can bump into him and ask for a job…again. He already told you know, stalker!

Unfortunately since the app is iOS only, I wasn’t able to play with it. But I don’t imagine I have much a need for any of these. Personally with Facebook’s recent location sharing, I can now see when my friends are nearby and if I really want to I can stalk my aunt who invited me to track her on Life360.

It’s official folks, we have indeed surpassed Foursquare.

Are you using any social apps? If so, tell me about your experiences and what you find to be useful features within these niche apps.

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