List of Fake News Sites (Satire and Hoaxes)

I’m really tired of the amount of fake news that has sprung up across the internet. In the past satire site’s like The Onion did a good job of being obvious they were fake. Unfortunately there is a new breed of satire sites out there that attempt to mimic real sites and twist real news stories in such a way to draw people into clicking them and ultimately many people spread these false claims across their social media. The worse thing is that many people believe the content on these fake news sites because they never read the disclaimer link in the bottom of the pages that say it’s a satire site or worse, they don’t understand what it means when a site describes itself as an “open source” or “speculative” news site that allows anyone to share their stories.

Please spread this list to your audience so that they become aware of these satire sites.

In some cases the sites above made this list due to them being blatantly flame bate, or click bait article types. While I will consider Fox News being added on here (sarcasm), some folks may want to look at the rest of our blog, specifically this.

Update 11/16/16 – Great compilation of crap news outlets here.


  1. Laurie

    Well you done a nice job compiling satire news sites, now how about compiling a list of reputable news sites?

  2. Didda

    I have issues with some of these- natural news, just for example, being called ‘satire’. as they take themselves seriously. I would just call them liars.

  3. Manny

    Excellent list!! I have a list of about 200 sites/Facebook pages, if you would like to expand your list let me know. If I may suggest, you might want to add Food Babe and Raw for Beauty.

    • tttt9erfan

      There is a difference between fake news and news you just don’t agree with. Just because you don’t agree doesn’t make it fake news.

  4. I don’t love all those sites either, but that doesn’t mean they’re satire. Some of them simply offer highly spun news and commentary that’s tough to take seriously, but the same describes

    • Lindsey Bruce

      Ummm yeahSteve is right, Most of these are not Satrie at all. It just seems like whoever wrote this is a liberal who wants any site that leans conservatiove to be labeled as satire. That’s a dirty move. Salon and Mediamatters REALLY distorts news, but I see they are not on this list. If you have to rely on tactics like this to misinform people, YOU are the true Satire site!!

  5. AKAndy13

    What about, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC?
    All they do is lie to cover for the Democrats.

    • Bill Fullford

      You forgot NBC CBS ABC FOX & The biggest bunch of fucking unamerican lying scumbags MSNBC !!!!
      Info wars & prison planet explain what’s really going on in this fucked up world so the only thing your list is really good for would be wiping my ass you fucking lying scum bags should be ashamed of yourself

    • anybody who would actually consider adding fox news and not the mainstream networks-
      i would definately not give any consideration to what he had to say.

  6. dixie

    It is irresponsible to accuse all of these as fake. Amazingly, you left out CNN, which has been caught using a green screen to fake on-location reports more than once. You only discredit yourself and the sites that you have endorsed when you abandon responsibility and respect to the sites that do not deserve your reckless accusations,

    • Julie

      Or Mother Jones, Occupy Democrats, and many more, some on the list are not satire or hoaxes, and some left off are even farther from the truth.

  7. Oswald Demos

    Almost all of these sites are real. You might not agree with their political philosophy or their view of the events they are reporting but that is very different from satire or fake news.

    In fact, this post is a straight up lie. Almost all of these sites are conservative or libertarian in nature – which makes me wonder if you have a political axe to grind.

    • sherry davis

      I was looking at the bottom of and I could not find that statement. How can we believe you???

  8. AKAndy13

    I am soo tired of these libs posting lies about conservatives.
    What they seem to forget is the fact that we remember all the lies Obama told to get elected.
    Maybe the Obama Administration should be on the satire list since everything coming out of their mouths are complete fabrications passed off as the truth!

    • sherry davis

      I agree totally with you. Why don’t these people talk about all the lies that are being told by the other side???


  10. Pspaughtamus

    I didn’t read very far, but Alternet is NOT satire, they have real news with a liberal bias. I have to agree you have an axe to grind.

  11. Frederick Harrison Stralow-Rick

    I have to agree with most of the comments here after I read “the list” I have to wonder how you came to this list. A good way to traffic though, but it could backfire as in your INTEGRITY.

  12. Barbara

    Actually, the mainstream media is the fake news. They are under the control of the government and only tell us what they are allowed to tell us.

  13. bec

    Alternet is NOT a hoax or satire site! It may spread false/innacurate information from time to time, but I don’t think its intentional, just poorly researched in those instances.

  14. bec

    Also its hilarious that people are accusing the author of being anti conservative. Many articles on these sites are shared around by people in various left leaning faceboom groups. You far right republican voters seem to have a persecution complex…

    • Bob Gomper

      Bec. Just because you don’t like republicans doesn’t mean that these commenters are wrong. Go to these websites and most of their “news” articles are sourced and their op-eds are obviously opinion pieces. That doesn’t mean it’s fake news.

  15. Bob Gomper

    Most of these sites are NOT satire or “fake” news. Most of them are conservative websites.
    Perhaps the author of this post doesn’t like conservatives?

  16. Matt

    Just because some of these websites have a few true stories doesn’t mean they aren’t satirical. I’ve read a few Onion and National Enquiror articles that were actually basically true, does that mean they aren’t tabloid news?

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  18. You made my fake news site of the day for your fake list of satirical and fake news sites. Mixing legitimate sites you dislike with fake news sites is not cool.

  19. Bill Fullford

    I’m sorry I forgot one of the biggest liars of them all CNN and one more to add to the list now ….you fucking assholes !
    God bless America !!!!
    And he will again !

  20. Bill Fullford

    one more to add to the list now ….you fucking assholes !
    God bless America !!!!
    And he will again !

  21. Casey

    Some of you need a serious chill pill. If you get this upset over a webpage, I’d hate to see you in your daily lives. You’re acting like a bunch of psychos.

  22. Bruce Welty

    Now you need to list the thousands of Old Line fake news sites. Starting the NYT

  23. dennis

    They are fake because I don’t like what they report. LMAO. Real deep thinker here.

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  25. David

    Nobody tells the truth… NOBODY! … Everybody has SOME agenda that they justify by their good intentions. The most obvious offenders are those who refer to their BS as: “The Truth You Aren’t Being Told” (which covers most of the sites on this list). But that doesn’t mean the rest aren’t just as full of $hit! One of the biggest industries in the world is the security industry. And their preferred method of advertising is to scare the crap out of you so they can sell you a solution. For that, they need the cooperation of the MSM, Hollywood, and pretty much everyone else with an adolescent need to have people look at them.

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  27. John

    You forgot to add Snopes to you list of false news. It is run by two left wing liberals who support any and all Democrat causes. They do their research on Google and Yahoo, just like anyone else can. And as we all know, there is a lot of false information on the internet.

  28. Hello!

    I currently run a satire news website, that can sometimes come across as real news, and in an attempt to make sure people don’t mistake my content for real news, I am trying to reach out to some of the watch sites on the internet, so that my website can be immediately identified as not true.

    My website is

    Thanks for your help in making the internet a safer place.

    Robert Carson

  29. Randal

    What a lode of crap! You are clearly a shill for the Corp liars! Thanks for making a list of places to get the truth!

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  31. Duncan

    This is not a lost of fake news sites, it’s this one liberal douche pushing an agenda with no credibility. You’ll consider Fox news huh? Consider the fact that Harvard University and Pew research both concluded Fox news as the most accurate, least biased news source. Maybe, I don’t know, do a little reading before you say things. I wouldn’t expect you to do that though, you’re liberal.

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  34. Michael Gayer

    If you all notice that MSNBC, CNN, Huffington Post (HuffnPuff) Senate Majority Pac, George Soros funded .coms and Any Liberal garbage sight is not listed Like the Washington Post, NY Times, Boston Globe, ABC News,
    All of these sights slant their reporting to help r defer debate on what is said. As she calls for the rioters to take it to the suburbs where the whites live.
    Example CNN cut the portions of Sherelle Smith sister of Slain Milwauke gunman Slyville Smith (Not making up names here right off CNN report.
    She says take it to the suburbs burn them down. She did not advocate ‘peace’ as CNN claimsed.

  35. Tom Cottone

    The fact that you said you are considering adding FOX News to this list kind of detracts from your credibility.

  36. Alan

    Obviously a paid troll. While several of these sites do lean very heavily to the right, by that line of thought you should also have included the sites that lean heavily to the left, such as the Huffington Post.

    This is a blatant attempt to dissuade undecided people from getting information from both sides, which in the current political atmosphere is the only way to glean any truth at all.

    The saddest part is that liberal bloggers will probably start quoting this article as a reference.

  37. tttt9erfan

    Just because you disagree with anothers opinion doesn’t make it fake. I would add to this ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Actually too many to name.

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  39. Lev

    They’re a bunch of pigs that’s why..I hate to be cruel but I can’t stand people who is pathological and precessional compulsive liars, a bunch of seniles , oh yeah dumb and stupid too just like that mass murderer lying pig Clintons!!!

  40. Nina F

    I’m not familiar with all (or even most) of these sites. But I do know that first on the list——is a legitimate source of news, if an opinionated one.

    In today’s world, it’s well understood that journalism will not be “objective.” Bias, overt and implicit, is simply part and parcel of consciousness and communication: as such, it’s impossible to eliminate. Misreporting of facts is another matter, but “fake news,” as an alert/accusation, shouldn’t be applied to a site where writers are reporting on current events in clearly partisan ways.

    People need to educate themselves, and develop better skills as reading, precisely, what the nature of the biases *are.*

  41. Henry Steel

    This should frighten every single one of you! If you had any question that they’re coming for your freedom. This here is enough to prove it!!

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  43. Mark

    If the mainstream fake news media would have give true facts of how well Trump was doing before the election, more liberals may have voted. But with the media giving fake poles, trying to make hitlery look like she was doing better than she really was, liberals were confident that she would win. But I believe with all they tried to do to make it look like Trump had no chance backfired on them. They did fool many fools, but more people were smarter than they give credit. Too many people were sick and tired of the corruption and wanted to see it put to an end. This list should be stripped off the internet, as it is fake!

  44. Stash

    You’ve got quite a few legitimate news outlets on that list and are ignoring many truly horrendous propaganda mills with familiar acronyms.

    You not agreeing with content and presentation do not a “fake news site” make, wordsmith.

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  46. It is a fact that the largest part of the world’s media is controlled by right wing moguls. Their intention is to further the virus of capitalism and retain the planet’s differentials between rich and poor. Left Insider provides left wing articles from reputable news sites such as Left Futures, Red Pepper, Novara, The Canary, Buzz Feed, Left Foot Forward etc. Everyone has the birthright to maximise our own potential and we all have the obligation to assist others achieve theirs.

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